Important links and videos for your weekend

9 Jul

I spent a lot of time away from my computer today but here’s a new secret discovery: in the reality world, people CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THE INTERNET! Here are some things I heard about, from the Internet, today when I was in the non-Internet.

*First of all, did you know that my uncle was one of the original guys at Burning Man? You didn’t, huh? I bet you feel foolish now for ever thinking I came from less than exceptional stock.

*My brother and my grandma got me hip to the commercial for a condition called “Low T” which, yeah, I know I’m in San Francisco and to me sounds like something having to do with female to male transitioning but is apparently just a new way to make already fragile middle aged men hate themselves even more. When is enough enough? Leave the dudes alone testosterone lobby! Let them dance!

*Here’s a video you should watch about Dock Ellis, a no-hitter and drugs. My uncle’s friend told me about this one:

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Assumptions I’ve made about the late 1800’s from watching Deadwood

8 Jul

For the last few weeks, the folks from the city water department have been tearing up my street. It’s made for unpleasant parking and biking conditions in my neighborhood. The situation really hit home when I went to turn on my bathroom faucet the other day and brown water sputtered out. Aside from the fact that plumbing abnormalities usually take me back to the first terrifying time I saw this scene in Ghostbusters II…

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From the Eastern Frontier

5 Jul

As someone who has put a considerable amount of energy into “writing” in the past half decade or so, going so far as to take classes, attend workshops, get an M.F.A., submit to things, and apply to things, I’ve been aware of the phenomenon of the writer’s residency and been rejected from a handful of them, from sea to shining sea. So it felt like a miracle, when this past spring, I heard I’d finally been accepted. I’m happy to say hello from my first residency, hello from Norton Island. Where is that, you ask? I don’t really know.

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“Happy Endings” and the Advent of the Gay Dude-Bro

30 Jun

With the TV Season withering away in the pre-summer doldrums–after the network’s spring season finales and before cable launches into its summer seasons, when all that’s left is a landscape of third-tier award shows and reality programming left for dead–it’s as good a time as any to look back on the 2010-2011 TV season and take some stock in what just happened.

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This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things: Toychestra’s Sassy Pony

29 Jun

Because if you give me something nice, I will:

a) promptly lose it

b) promptly ruin it

c) promptly forget about it completely without ever using it

This doesn’t mean you should still get me something for my birthday.  This just means you should never, ever buy me anything with a fair market value of more than $20.

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Dancing Boys For America!

28 Jun

So I was about to go to shut my computer down and go to sleep last night when I came across this gem on Hulu:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Apocalypse Watch: Bill Callahan’s Apocalypse

27 Jun

In April, long before Harold Camping’s billboard prophecy of the Rapture’s arrival last month, Bill Callahan released his latest album, Apocalypse, on Drag City. Hauntingly beautiful and foreboding in its own way, this album has the propensity to get under your skin and take up residence.

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The End of White Babies?

25 Jun

Some thoughts on the following video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
A) MSNBC: This is not news. The first baby of the New Year in SONOMA, CA, a very pale place, has been Latino for more than 10 years. B) If this story is supposed to convince me to find a white husband and have a baby, sorry, but I guess I’m the Malinche! And C) stop freaking out the old people! They have enough real things to worry about.

The Fiasco Factor

24 Jun

I used to like “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco because 1) I hear it everywhere and its catchy so it gets caught in my head for the rest of the day, 2) it’s basically a remake of “Float On” by Modest Mouse which is 100 times better, 3) it has that fuck you I’m determined and going to win this battle attitude which helps build your personal narrative and destroy all enemies and is appealing to pretty much everyone even if you aren’t the ghetto kids he’s talking to in the song.

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Apocalypse Watch: Girls are so over

23 Jun

Today I listened to this episode of KQED’s Forum all about how, due to sex-selective abortion, there are 160 million more boys in the developing world now than girls. Uhhh, this is a problem, right?

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