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Video 1 Feb

they say you never really get over your first love.

it’s true: my love for sporty spice knows no bounds. sure, we might not talk that much anymore, but i always make sure to check in and that old flame is as bright as when i was 11 cooped up in my grandparents’ bedroom in athens glued to the bits and pieces of “wannabe” i could make out through the static of mtv europe. it’s quite possible she was the one and only spice girl for me because of my inexplicable (platonic) attraction to lesbians. i must have seen a kindred queer spirit in that ridiculous ponytail they forced on her and the track pants and the compulsion to high kick. and now, all these years later, here she is with a new song that i can’t help but play on repeat. and though our faces may have changed, the love is just the same.