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Notes on Scandals – Rupert Murdoch is a Douche, Michelle Obama Eats a Hamburger

13 Jul

So Rupert Murdoch (creator of FOX)  and his News Corp. media empire are in the midst of the scandal-of-the-year (so far) for “allegedly” hacking the phones of the families of terrorist victims, and now members of the royal family and the British government.

(Side note – isn’t the media’s use of “allegedly” when discussing legal issues somewhat infuriating at times?  You could be caught on tape, red handed, stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart and the media would still referr to you as the “alleged” pressure-cooker thief.  And furthermore, why are you stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart anyway?  And why is the media even reporting on it? They’re so sensationalist!!) Continue reading


Important links and videos for your weekend

9 Jul

I spent a lot of time away from my computer today but here’s a new secret discovery: in the reality world, people CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THE INTERNET! Here are some things I heard about, from the Internet, today when I was in the non-Internet.

*First of all, did you know that my uncle was one of the original guys at Burning Man? You didn’t, huh? I bet you feel foolish now for ever thinking I came from less than exceptional stock.

*My brother and my grandma got me hip to the commercial for a condition called “Low T” which, yeah, I know I’m in San Francisco and to me sounds like something having to do with female to male transitioning but is apparently just a new way to make already fragile middle aged men hate themselves even more. When is enough enough? Leave the dudes alone testosterone lobby! Let them dance!

*Here’s a video you should watch about Dock Ellis, a no-hitter and drugs. My uncle’s friend told me about this one:

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Dancing Boys For America!

28 Jun

So I was about to go to shut my computer down and go to sleep last night when I came across this gem on Hulu:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Fiasco Factor

24 Jun

I used to like “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco because 1) I hear it everywhere and its catchy so it gets caught in my head for the rest of the day, 2) it’s basically a remake of “Float On” by Modest Mouse which is 100 times better, 3) it has that fuck you I’m determined and going to win this battle attitude which helps build your personal narrative and destroy all enemies and is appealing to pretty much everyone even if you aren’t the ghetto kids he’s talking to in the song.

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The Olden Days (1994)

17 Jun

I don’t know if you will remember this, but things were different in 1994:

Some of us were 14 and only wore purple clothing. Others of us were 13 and had yet to hit any sort of meaningful growth spurt. All of us were still learning about the Internet:

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Craigslist Casual Encounters: “I’d Rather Drink Gas and Piss on a Brush Fire”

15 Jun

I have long been a fan of Craigslist Casual Encounters.  Not of actually casually encountering anyone, but of reading the choicest posts aloud, in a variety of cartoonish voices.  This was especially entertaining the many years when I didn’t own a television and lived in the far east bay (read: “Redneck Territory”) where I didn’t really have anything to do at night other than troll the internet and talk to my cat.

Life is different now, but I still get drawn back into Casual Encounters on occasion.  I always think it’s going to be fun like the old days, knocking back a beer and reading a Daddy fantasy out loud in a poorly executed German accent while my cat eyes me with suspicion.  At some point in time, though, Casual Encounters jumped the shark for me.

I think it lost its luster when I started interacting with the Casual Encounters community, instead of just observing with admiration from afar.  That magical night when my friend and I were, inexplicably, up at 3 am, watching back to back Maury Povich clips, drunk on both alcohol and exhaustion, and we decided that we should post a casual encounters ad requesting impregnation because I “don’t like workin and want to go on matirnity leave.”  The responses to that post almost single-handedly destroyed my faith in humanity.

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Tuesday: The Worst Day of the Week?

14 Jun

Tuesday is a hard day for everyone, but it is extra hard for people with jobs staring at computers. Especially people with those jobs on sunny Tuesdays in California.

Here are some sound-related things that might make you feel a tiny bit better about the whole tragic situation:

The Temper Trap, “Love Lost”:, “What I Am”:

And if you have a little extra time, you are going to want to watch Lil Wayne on MTV Unplugged. There’s something about that demon dwarf that gets me smiling every time.

The Netflix Instant Reviews: Don Juan DeMarco

13 Jun

There are a lot of people I blame for my potentially fatal case of early onset nihilistic romanticism: Lucy Maude Montgomery, Bill Cosby, my mom, Charlotte Brontë, Alex Haley, Anne Frank, Johnny Depp. So when I flipped through Netflix Instant View and saw Don Juan DeMarco, a movie I remember as HIGHLY sigh-inducing for me as an 11-year-old, I figured it would be good to eat a burrito to, get mad at, weep with, whatever. A reasonable way to pass the time, staring at Johnny Depp when he was still into just light pageantry and camp, when you could still see his perfectly-shaped nineties cheek bones and his eyes hadn’t deadened into cold dark dollar signs.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I would love it or hate, and then this happened:

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11 Jun

If this doesn’t make you feel something about something, than you might not have a soul:

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER ’91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.

There is pretty much nothing that makes my heart explode as much as videos of dancing boys between the ages of 8 and 11. Basically, this is the perfect age for a boy. Yeah, that sounds HELLA creepy but hear me out. When they are 8 through 11, boys are smart enough that they can talk in complete sentences and sort of know what’s going on around them and yet they are still totally consumed with passion for things in an innocent way. They are crazy but they haven’t figured out yet that they supposed to stop acting crazy in public and sublimate all their weirdness into a dark inner ball of rage and confusion.

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