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This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things: Toychestra’s Sassy Pony

29 Jun

Because if you give me something nice, I will:

a) promptly lose it

b) promptly ruin it

c) promptly forget about it completely without ever using it

This doesn’t mean you should still get me something for my birthday.  This just means you should never, ever buy me anything with a fair market value of more than $20.

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Apocalypse Watch: Bill Callahan’s Apocalypse

27 Jun

In April, long before Harold Camping’s billboard prophecy of the Rapture’s arrival last month, Bill Callahan released his latest album, Apocalypse, on Drag City. Hauntingly beautiful and foreboding in its own way, this album has the propensity to get under your skin and take up residence.

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The Fiasco Factor

24 Jun

I used to like “The Show Goes On” by Lupe Fiasco because 1) I hear it everywhere and its catchy so it gets caught in my head for the rest of the day, 2) it’s basically a remake of “Float On” by Modest Mouse which is 100 times better, 3) it has that fuck you I’m determined and going to win this battle attitude which helps build your personal narrative and destroy all enemies and is appealing to pretty much everyone even if you aren’t the ghetto kids he’s talking to in the song.

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Tuesday: The Worst Day of the Week?

14 Jun

Tuesday is a hard day for everyone, but it is extra hard for people with jobs staring at computers. Especially people with those jobs on sunny Tuesdays in California.

Here are some sound-related things that might make you feel a tiny bit better about the whole tragic situation:

The Temper Trap, “Love Lost”:, “What I Am”:

And if you have a little extra time, you are going to want to watch Lil Wayne on MTV Unplugged. There’s something about that demon dwarf that gets me smiling every time.