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Emmy Nominations Recap

15 Jul

Why does she have lightning bolts for wings?

So the 2011 Emmy Nominations were revealed yesterday morning, with the usual amount of fanfare, followed by the usual amount of internet praise and second-guessing.

We here at the magic wonder blog like to accentuate the positive whenever possible, so let’s focus on what the Emmy’s got right this year, and who has the best chances of taking home the hardware.

First off, many of the usual suspects are here in both the drama and comedy categories.  30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, The Office and Parks and Recreation all received Best Comedy Series noms, with Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell getting Lead Actress/Actor noms as well. Continue reading


Notes on Scandals – Rupert Murdoch is a Douche, Michelle Obama Eats a Hamburger

13 Jul

So Rupert Murdoch (creator of FOX)  and his News Corp. media empire are in the midst of the scandal-of-the-year (so far) for “allegedly” hacking the phones of the families of terrorist victims, and now members of the royal family and the British government.

(Side note – isn’t the media’s use of “allegedly” when discussing legal issues somewhat infuriating at times?  You could be caught on tape, red handed, stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart and the media would still referr to you as the “alleged” pressure-cooker thief.  And furthermore, why are you stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart anyway?  And why is the media even reporting on it? They’re so sensationalist!!) Continue reading

“Happy Endings” and the Advent of the Gay Dude-Bro

30 Jun

With the TV Season withering away in the pre-summer doldrums–after the network’s spring season finales and before cable launches into its summer seasons, when all that’s left is a landscape of third-tier award shows and reality programming left for dead–it’s as good a time as any to look back on the 2010-2011 TV season and take some stock in what just happened.

Continue reading