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The End of White Babies?

25 Jun

Some thoughts on the following video:

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A) MSNBC: This is not news. The first baby of the New Year in SONOMA, CA, a very pale place, has been Latino for more than 10 years. B) If this story is supposed to convince me to find a white husband and have a baby, sorry, but I guess I’m the Malinche! And C) stop freaking out the old people! They have enough real things to worry about.


The last ten years of my life

20 Jun

Hanging out senior year at Sonoma Valley High School

I recently went to my high school’s ten year reunion. There is something decisive about a decade. I am no longer just a few years out of high school, no longer just a few years out of college and thirty is coming up fast. You can’t help but get to thinking, “What have I been doing with myself?” Or the more dangerous version that can easily devolve into self-loathing angst, “What have I accomplished in life?”

I blame Oprah. She always makes me feel not only like I could be doing better, but that, indeed, it’s 100 percent on me. I just need to think positive and put my mind to it! So far, I’ve decided to stop reading magazine features about the “Hot 30 under 30,” which seems to be helping. Continue reading