‘The Tree of Life’ Involves Dinosaurs

20 Jul

This baby foot is soooo deep!

As we were leaving this movie the other night, about an hour before it official finished, one of us said to the other: “I really wish at least one of the reviews had written something about the dinosaurs.”

In that spirit, instead of a proper review, we are going to give you a collaborative  list of things you should know before you make a decision to spend any amount of money on tickets to Terrence Malick’s newish film:

1. At a certain point, there will be CGI dinosaurs. Not ironic, not particularly good CGI. It will happen. Don’t be taken by surprise as we were.

2. This movie has a lot of beautiful shots of things. If context, voice over, creativity, complexity and focus don’t mean anything to you and all you care about is beautiful shots of things, you might really like this movie.

3. Opera music to dramatic shots of the cosmos or maybe the inside of a cell or maybe one of those 90’s oil dripping toy things. It’s best if the preceding sentence fragment fills you with something other than a deep sigh of boredom.

4. Sean Penn and Brad Pitt are really fucking serious here. This is not Spicoli and the roommate from True Romance. This is more like Sam from I Am Sam and Benjamin from Benjamin Button.

5.  While watching, you will witness the first ever recorded act of “Dinosaur Compassion.”  This is, of course, to illustrate the compassionate nature of all sentient beings, or as we here at The Magic Wonder Blog like to call it, One Love.

6.  Malick really really likes Childhood.  It’s the best.  Nothing compares.

7.  This is a great movie to see if you were unclear about the origins of the world and the whole time line of the galaxy.  You’ll never again forget that shit after this movie.

8.  The two minute trailer is better than the two hour movie.  If you like the trailer, just watch it on repeat for two hours.

Your call.  Good luck!


2 Responses to “‘The Tree of Life’ Involves Dinosaurs”

  1. marisa July 20, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    The roommate from True Romance was my dream man in 7th grade.


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