Emmy Nominations Recap

15 Jul

Why does she have lightning bolts for wings?

So the 2011 Emmy Nominations were revealed yesterday morning, with the usual amount of fanfare, followed by the usual amount of internet praise and second-guessing.

We here at the magic wonder blog like to accentuate the positive whenever possible, so let’s focus on what the Emmy’s got right this year, and who has the best chances of taking home the hardware.

First off, many of the usual suspects are here in both the drama and comedy categories.  30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, The Office and Parks and Recreation all received Best Comedy Series noms, with Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell getting Lead Actress/Actor noms as well.

Steve Carell won the award 3 years in a row from 2006-2008 for his turn as everyone’s favorite thank-god-he’s-not-my boss, Michael Scott, and as this was his final season of the show, look for him to be a front-runner to take home a sentimental, so-long-and-thanks-for-the-fish Emmy.  Jim Parsons – the best (only good?) part of The Big Bang Theory – won last year and looks to be another contender, as are Alec Baldwin and Matt LeBlanc.

How YOU doin'?

Wait a minute, Matt LeBlac?  Matt LeBlanc has a show?  Where he plays… Matt LeBlanc? And it’s good?  Apparently I’ve missed out on the Episodes train, but with Showtime’s recent success with comedies, this looks like one worth checking out.

The slam-dunk, can’t-miss frontrunner for the Best Actress award has to go to Laura Linney from The Big C.  I mean, it’s fucking Laura Linney – she’s like, a real movie actress and shit. And she’s playing a woman with cancer… in a  comedy?  I can’t see how the Emmy voters could resist that, and I haven’t even seen one single episode of her show!  (I avoid shows about people with cancer, because part of my hypochondria involves the fear that diseases are communicable via world-of-mouth and through television.)

Yeah she is!

Jane Lynch – who will also host the show – has to be the frontrunner to repeat as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Sue Sylvester, the Glee villain who revealed astounding layers of complexity this season (her performance in the episode Funeral, which I’m guessing was the one she submitted for nomination, was especially bawl-inducing).  Look for Betty White to keep her “hey, she’s old and still around” momentum going as a possible dark-horse candidate as well.

The guys from Modern Family, Jon Cryer from That Show with The Crazy “Winning” Guy Who Shall Not Be Named and the adorable Chris Colfer from Glee comprise the Best Supporting Actor noms.  Look for the Modern Family guys to split the vote, leaving the door wide open for Colfer to followup his Golden Globe win with an Emmy.

On to the dramas, and I’ve got to say I’m stoked my favorite “show that nobody (except me and every other TV blogger in the universe but apparently no one else) is watching,” Friday Night Lights got noms for Best Drama and Best Lead Actor and Actress, for the fantastic Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, respectively.  Chandler and Britton’s portrayal of Eric and Tammi Taylor is perhaps the greatest representation of marriage ever captured on the small screen, and if you aren’t watching Friday Night Lights, then what the fuck is wrong with you?  It’s like a soap opera…but with football!!

Seriously though, we love you Steve!

The usual suspects are all here too though, with Mad Men, John Hamm and Elizabeth Moss all poised to win in their respective categories (Best Drama, Lead Actor and Lead Actress), with big competition coming from the fantastic Boardwalk Empire and the fantastically bug-eyed Steve Buscemi.

Peter Dinklage

You know you're doing something right when an internet meme has your back.

A well-deserved Best Supporting Actor nom goes to Peter Dinklage, everyone’s favorite debaucherous dwarf (sorry, alliteration demands I use this term) from HBO’s controversially boob-soaked Game of Thrones, which also scored a Best Drama nomination.  Say what you will about the gratuitous nudity in this adaptation of George RR Martin’s epic fantasy series, but there’s no denying that Dinklage should be a frontrunner for his portrayal of the complex and morally ambiguous Tyrion Lannister.  Plus (and sorry for the cynicism here) it would be too great of a “diversity hire” for the Emmys pass up.

Well, that about wraps things up.  I’m skipping over TV movies and miniseries and Reality TV Show categories, stopping only long enough to say that Kate Winslett should win Best Actress for her powerful turn as the titular Mildred Pierce.  In case you haven’t noticed the trend, movie actors who deign to slum it on TV are often locks to win in their respective categories (I’m looking at you, Laura and Steve).

We’ll see how it all plays out on September 18th, when the Emmys air on FOX (barf).

Postscript – I know I said I wasn’t going to harp on the snubs, but seriously, no noms for the best comedy on TV, Community? What a drag.  FOX’s sci-fi drama Fringe had its best season yet and also got no love, an especially egregious oversight in the case of John Noble, who had a tour-de-force year playing dual roles as the drug-addled super-genius Walter Bishop and his ruthlessly evil alt-verse counterpart, Walternate. 

But hey, snubs like these are what TV junkies like me live off of – righteous indignation that a person I’ve never met wasn’t nominated for an award that doesn’t affect my life in the slightest.  IT’S AN OUTRAGE I TELL YOU!!


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