Notes on Scandals – Rupert Murdoch is a Douche, Michelle Obama Eats a Hamburger

13 Jul

So Rupert Murdoch (creator of FOX)  and his News Corp. media empire are in the midst of the scandal-of-the-year (so far) for “allegedly” hacking the phones of the families of terrorist victims, and now members of the royal family and the British government.

(Side note – isn’t the media’s use of “allegedly” when discussing legal issues somewhat infuriating at times?  You could be caught on tape, red handed, stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart and the media would still referr to you as the “alleged” pressure-cooker thief.  And furthermore, why are you stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart anyway?  And why is the media even reporting on it? They’re so sensationalist!!)

Ok, back on track.  So there are calls for boycotts on all things Murdoch related, and I’m sure many of us are just squiggling with glee at the prospect of Murdoch’s media empire tumbling like a house of cards (made from Operation Iraqi Freedom US Military Heroes playing cards, of course).

If you want to jump on the boycott, here’s a list of all of News Corp’s holdings, so you know what to avoid (click to embiggen):

Damn, that's a lot of things I like.

This means no more Glee, people!  No more Fox Searchlight films (Tree of Life, Black Swan, Juno, etc), no Dodger/Giants games, and no more Golf Channel!?!?  What are we, made of stone?

Oh, how quickly our (just my?) moral indignation can turn when faced with the prospect of narrowing the already overwhelmingly vast entertainment options by a margin of 5%…

But seriously, screw Murdoch and News Corp. Except the parts that are enjoyable to me.  But the rest can suck it.  Looking at you, Fox News.

Ok, this is getting me riled up.  Let’s move on to a more cut-and-dried scandal, which is apparently still in it’s nascent stages:  Did you realize Michelle Obama just undid two years of anti-obesity, pro-exercise campaigning for America’s youth by (gasp) eating a f-king hamburger!?!??!

The Washington Post (surprisingly, NOT a News Corp holding) broke the story, and even went so far as to issue an updated correction about the estimated caloric intake of the First Lady’s meal – it was 1,700 calories, not the 1,556 they originally reported.

The blogoshpere erupted with criticism – how can she champion healthy eating and then eat a hamburger!?!?  ABC News and The Huffington Post jumped to her defense.  Most of the discussion regarding this “scandal” seems to be about what a non-issue it is, and most of the outrage (on both sides) seems clearly manufactured.

But that’s ok.  It’s a slow news week anyway.  It’s not like our country is in the midst of a huge, partisan, budget impasse or anything…


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