Important links and videos for your weekend

9 Jul

I spent a lot of time away from my computer today but here’s a new secret discovery: in the reality world, people CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THE INTERNET! Here are some things I heard about, from the Internet, today when I was in the non-Internet.

*First of all, did you know that my uncle was one of the original guys at Burning Man? You didn’t, huh? I bet you feel foolish now for ever thinking I came from less than exceptional stock.

*My brother and my grandma got me hip to the commercial for a condition called “Low T” which, yeah, I know I’m in San Francisco and to me sounds like something having to do with female to male transitioning but is apparently just a new way to make already fragile middle aged men hate themselves even more. When is enough enough? Leave the dudes alone testosterone lobby! Let them dance!

*Here’s a video you should watch about Dock Ellis, a no-hitter and drugs. My uncle’s friend told me about this one:

*I was waiting for my family this morning, scrolling through Twitter, and I saw a few videos that I really needed to/couldn’t watch. One, from Mo Rocca, apparently pointed to Jason Bateman on Little House on the Prairie. I grew up with strong feelings about this show due to the fact that I was devoted to the books and knew that the show basically had nothing to do with the books. I’ve never really watched it so I am not sure who Jason Bateman’s character is supposed to be. However, Jason Bateman as a little boy? Adorable.

*A guy who went to my high school, Kevin Gregg, who pitches for the Orioles now, got in a brawl with David Ortiz last night. I’m on the sports beat now apparently. I also saw this on Twitter. I love a good sports fight. To the video:

*Finally, so you go out on a high note, the Top That rap video that you haven’t seen in awhile:


One Response to “Important links and videos for your weekend”

  1. audreydilling July 14, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    The non-Internet is also known as the Outernet, but so far it’s only known as that by me. Spread the word.

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