This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things: Toychestra’s Sassy Pony

29 Jun

Because if you give me something nice, I will:

a) promptly lose it

b) promptly ruin it

c) promptly forget about it completely without ever using it

This doesn’t mean you should still get me something for my birthday.  This just means you should never, ever buy me anything with a fair market value of more than $20.

I’ve had a number of boxes in storage in my parent’s garage for some time now and after some (polite and repeated) insistence, I finally picked a few of them up this month.  It was really fun to discover all the dvds and cds and books that I never even knew I had.  It was not as fun to find out that a lot of the dvds and books and cds I thought I had succumbed to either a or b in the list above.

But this post is not about a or b!  This post is about c.  My boyfriend was nice enough to upload all of my cds onto my iPod since I’m a girl and refuse to do anything that looks even remotely like it requires clicking more than one button.

Throughout the process, I kept looking at the cds he was uploading and screaming “That’s not mine!  I’ve never even seen that before!  What is that?”

He would, of course, respond like a sane person and remind me that these objects came from boxes that I had personally packed and stored in my parent’s garage so it was pretty likely they were all mine.  I was still suspicious.

Anyway, this is how I found out about Toychestra, which is apparently a group that only uses toy instruments to create their music.  I don’t know why I a) have the cd or b) never listened to it before, but it’s perfect ambient music for a certain type of person.  That certain type of person needs to really like creepy carnivals, organs, music boxes and CocoRosie-type aesthetics, which is fortunate for me.  I should also clarify that this really only works as appropriate ambient music if you are working on a project that ultimately results in becoming the next Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka or John Wayne Gacy.  I mean all of this as a sales pitch.

I wanted to include a video recording of some sort for “High Flames” off of their Sassy Pony album, but there doesn’t appear to be a video available for that.  I did, however, find this when I google searched it:

It appears to be a man with a blowtorch.

Or, here’s this sample of another song off that album, “The Hammer Song.”  Go ahead and rock out with your sock out.


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