Dancing Boys For America!

28 Jun

So I was about to go to shut my computer down and go to sleep last night when I came across this gem on Hulu:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course I love dancing boys but here are a few reasons that this dancing boy is especially fantastic:

1. This is on prime-time regular TV, right? So grandmas across the nation saw this boy in his spandex and high heels straddling a pole with the backdrop of an American flag?

2. What. The. Fuck. Did you see when he dropped into the splits? I don’t really understand the premise of America’s Got Talent and this and those weird dancers who danced with Ashley on The Bachelorette are the only contestants I’ve ever really seen, but it seems like this guy should walk away with the gold (do they get medals?) just for that splits move.

3. Nick Cannon.

4. The world might be falling apart one environmental disaster at a time, and we might be at the end of culture, sanity and happiness, but I am still glad I am alive at a time in history where this man can put on such glorious eye make-up and hump a pole on national television.


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