Apocalypse Watch: Girls are so over

23 Jun

Today I listened to this episode of KQED’s Forum all about how, due to sex-selective abortion, there are 160 million more boys in the developing world now than girls. Uhhh, this is a problem, right?

Not that I don’t love dudes but I would rather not live in a world where I have to worry about getting kidnapped by one. I’d rather live in a nice peaceful world where there enough girls to go around. Maybe not so many as in San Francisco, where more fresh-faced ladies show up every day and boys get tattoos that say “Don’t tie me down!” but, you know, enough.

Yesterday, I read an article about how unhealthy it is to be a man. So, if this shit is true, plus all the anecdotal/study-based evidence showing that boys commit more violent crimes, do more raping, start more wars, eat more Taco Bell, send more penis pictures via Twitter, why why would we want so many extras? Why does everyone want a son?

I’m the first to admit that little boys are adorable. See my previous post about how great it is when they start dancing! I have two extremely awesome nephew-type cousins (and a third I’ve never met) and a lot of my family is made up of  super-great guys:

How many times can I use different versions of this blurry cell-phone picture?

However, what with the the end of times coming up, peak oil, wars over water, pirates, the end of the Holocene era and massive species die-out, I’m just not sure we need the sublimated fear-turning-into-anger and spear-throwing skills that a bunch of extra boys would bring to the table. We need chocolate chip cookies and massage circles. We need to go gentle into that good night. Less rage, more sleeping pills.

Of course, it’s possible that this flailing forcing of gender by parents is a 20th century-humanity Hail Mary. With the growing acceptance of transgender people, the changing definition of male and female roles, the removal of gender from certain government forms and a psychotic cross-gender obsession with body waxing and foundation, some people think gender will shortly be irrelevant.

Personally, I have no idea and I am not convinced we even have a week longer to live, let alone enough time to see how this too-many-boys-in-Asia problem plays out. So, I don’t know, what do you think?


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