The Olden Days (1994)

17 Jun

I don’t know if you will remember this, but things were different in 1994:

Some of us were 14 and only wore purple clothing. Others of us were 13 and had yet to hit any sort of meaningful growth spurt. All of us were still learning about the Internet:

I remember these days well. This was back when I was on the verge of getting my first email address: I remember being pretty much horrified that there were 88 OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who liked Chewbacca as much as me. By now I realize I didn’t even like Chewbacca that much. 88 should have gone to someone who liked more than the sound of the name and the fact it belonged to fuzzy, friendly monster. I hadn’t even seen all the Star Wars movies.

Also, I could never find the underscore and could never remember what it was called.

14 years later, even babies know how to say @ properly. And we look like this:

(Poorly Photoshop-ed. I can’t find a recent picture of my bro and me standing with our arms about each other. That is my grandpa’s hand.) (Look at all the skills I’ve gained since 1994!) (By “gained” I obviously mean “pretended to gain through better bullshitting and a basic understanding of the function of the at sign when other people weren’t too sure what it meant.”)

Someone should write something about what is happening to history when our language and the way we communicate and everything we know can shift so drastically in such a short time. What it means for literature when young adult novels from not that long ago are being revised so girls don’t get confused by old technology. How disturbingly wide the gap is getting between kids who basically breath the Internet and their parents who are still operating under an old (14 year old) set of assumptions.

I would try but I just started following James Joyce and Lil Wayne on Twitter today. I’m pretty busy.


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