Video 1 Feb

they say you never really get over your first love.

it’s true: my love for sporty spice knows no bounds. sure, we might not talk that much anymore, but i always make sure to check in and that old flame is as bright as when i was 11 cooped up in my grandparents’ bedroom in athens glued to the bits and pieces of “wannabe” i could make out through the static of mtv europe. it’s quite possible she was the one and only spice girl for me because of my inexplicable (platonic) attraction to lesbians. i must have seen a kindred queer spirit in that ridiculous ponytail they forced on her and the track pants and the compulsion to high kick. and now, all these years later, here she is with a new song that i can’t help but play on repeat. and though our faces may have changed, the love is just the same.


Some Grumpy and Abbreviated Thoughts on Mortality and Community

25 Aug

Since when did I feel so tired all the time? Like even coffee makes me tired lately. Since when did the white hairs on my head poke out funny directions and increase their numbers exponentially? And I don’t care about that urban legend/wive’s tale or whatever about more growing in their place and I just pull them out. Yes, the children of the eighties are growing old. Since when did that start happening? Since when did I start worrying that since I’m past thirty and I can’t seem to get it together as far as financial responsibility and stable life course that I am never going to have a baby and never be a truly successful and productive member of society? Since when was the world falling apart? Like I mean the upcoming presidential elections and the Middle East and the worldwide economic crisis and Japan and AIDS is still around people and . . . Since always, right? Continue reading

Eagle and Wolf

24 Aug

The eagle and the wolf. Friends? Probably not. Bad-ass and full of love for America? Most definitely. Let it be known: The Magic Wonder Blog is back.

Everything I know in one arbitrary list

16 Aug

I often find myself in the presence of people who know a lot of things. I just sit there, in awe, listening to them say thing after thing that they know. And they’re just conjuring it right out of their own heads. All this knowledge is at the ready. What the latest republican presidential candidate said. (What?! I can barely keep up with the democrats! I’m supposed to follow republicans, too?) What we should be doing to fight poverty at home and why certain things will or won’t work. They don’t just know things about politics and social issues, they know things about all kinds of shit. Celebrities. Fashion. Popular Internet memes. Classic movies. Terrible movies. Classic rock. I don’t get it. How do people absorb these things? I know I should be paying attention, maybe even absorbing a little of it myself, but I just can’t focus when all the while I’m fighting the fear that they are going to figure me out. What if they find out I don’t know anything? This is one of the greatest fears I have.

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The Bachelorette Recap: Week 9: I Know What this Fantasy Suite Means, and I Know What It Implies

28 Jul

It is happening, people. We are down to Ashley’s final two suitors! And what a wily and wacky adventure this week’s episode was. Here is the lowdown:

This week we find ourselves in Fiji, which Ashley generously describes for us as “a set of islands in the South Pacific.” Ash is in her room getting ready for her date with Ben (and I believe she is shown pretending to write in a journal!) when she hears a knock on her door. And, lo and behold, it is Ryan, who has convinced himself that Ashley kicked him off because they’re date was not “conducive enough to romance.” Ryan, that is just pathetic. I have been there, friend, and it is a sad place to be. Ash opens the door and screams “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” at Ryan with actual complete agitation. Ry tells Ash he’s sure that they shared something when he got out of the limo. Ash stares at him awkwardly and then reluctantly agrees. He wants her to consider taking him back, and tells her to take a few days to think about it.

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The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 8: An Italian Renaissance Way of Being Romantic

22 Jul

Ah, hometown dates. This week’s episode began with Ashley, back at home in Philadelphia, reflecting on her four final dudes. Ben F she sums up as “just a man.” Okay, fair enough. Constantine is “sexy.” If you’re into that sort of thing…With JP, “everything is there.” Cut to scene of Jordan Paul in front of the fireplace wearing adorable rented pajamas. Ames is “unique,” she says, “We’re both nerdy.” Ash drinks from a mug, a Yorkie jumps on her suitcase, and she goes outside where she pretends to hail a cab. Continue reading

‘The Tree of Life’ Involves Dinosaurs

20 Jul

This baby foot is soooo deep!

As we were leaving this movie the other night, about an hour before it official finished, one of us said to the other: “I really wish at least one of the reviews had written something about the dinosaurs.”

In that spirit, instead of a proper review, we are going to give you a collaborative  list of things you should know before you make a decision to spend any amount of money on tickets to Terrence Malick’s newish film: Continue reading

Emmy Nominations Recap

15 Jul

Why does she have lightning bolts for wings?

So the 2011 Emmy Nominations were revealed yesterday morning, with the usual amount of fanfare, followed by the usual amount of internet praise and second-guessing.

We here at the magic wonder blog like to accentuate the positive whenever possible, so let’s focus on what the Emmy’s got right this year, and who has the best chances of taking home the hardware.

First off, many of the usual suspects are here in both the drama and comedy categories.  30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, The Office and Parks and Recreation all received Best Comedy Series noms, with Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell getting Lead Actress/Actor noms as well. Continue reading

The Bachelorette Recap: Episode 7: A Total Mind-F*ck

14 Jul

Well friends, I meant to begin posting on-going Bachelorette commentary at the start of this season. But – as Chris Harrison’s tearful yet weirdly uninformative conversation with Emily this week reminded us – sometimes we just don’t get what we want. No matter how much we love it. And I do love the Bachelor franchise. I’ve loved it since I started watching it in Jason’s season, when my fellow Masuk High School alum Erica DeSimone was featured in Jason’s pool of eligible ladies! But I digress. This season is about just one lady. And her name is Ashley. Continue reading

Notes on Scandals – Rupert Murdoch is a Douche, Michelle Obama Eats a Hamburger

13 Jul

So Rupert Murdoch (creator of FOX)  and his News Corp. media empire are in the midst of the scandal-of-the-year (so far) for “allegedly” hacking the phones of the families of terrorist victims, and now members of the royal family and the British government.

(Side note – isn’t the media’s use of “allegedly” when discussing legal issues somewhat infuriating at times?  You could be caught on tape, red handed, stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart and the media would still referr to you as the “alleged” pressure-cooker thief.  And furthermore, why are you stealing a pressure-cooker from Wal-Mart anyway?  And why is the media even reporting on it? They’re so sensationalist!!) Continue reading